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Hand and Spine Surgeon in Lenexa, KS Kansas Dr. William Reed, Jr.

Spine Surgery Treatments

The items listed having links refer to general concepts behind the treatments listed. The details and techniques employed for each particular condition and patient are tailor designed  for each patient, and will be explained in detail pertaining to your situation and the current state of technology and technique.


Rest assured, in Dr. William Reed's hands, you will receive

More Options, More Experience, More Care. I believe in educating

my patients, who then make their own decision how to proceed with

the available treatment options thoroughly explained.

Every patient and situation is unique, thus we strive to explain and frame

in detail the present and future expectations with conservative and surgical treatment options, along with the relative risks and complications which accompany any type of care and in the absence of intervention as well. 


Maximizing patient safety and inclusion in all steps

of the decision making process of care are held sacred.


Spine Treatment Options:

Cervical, Lumbar and Thoracic Treatment Options:

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